Banks income by providing leasing services

The bank can increase income by providing leasing services to its customers for a fee. Under the contract, property (equipment, a car, a building or other property necessary for the client) is transferred for use on a finance lease. The agreement may include subsequent repurchase of the leased asset. In this case, the bank acts as a lessor. The fee for the service depends on the bank whose subsidiary provides leasing. For example, Alfa Leasing offers rates for legal entities from 14.7% under the Alfa Mobile program. The banking structure concludes a leasing agreement with private individuals, which is also an opportunity for profit growth. For the average citizen, this option may be more profitable than a loan, subject to a competent approach.

Banking Services

Banks do Everything for the client

The desire to sell one product to many customers gave way to the desire to provide one consumer with the entire product line. It is more profitable for a bank to issue a loan to a borrower, immediately make a deposit, insure life and property, provide it with a mobile bank and SMS alerts and complete the service with a credit card. In such circumstances, the bank makes a profit from a whole range of operations, “tying” to itself a regular and trusted client. This allows you to control the consumer, plan profits and distribute sources of revenue. Banks in the bulk provide the same type of services, so for the client, and therefore profit, you have to compete.

Banking services are becoming operational and versatile

The leading role is given to the convenience of the service. In large banks, service is becoming operational and versatile, there are special rooms for VIP clients. For example, you can play with your child in a branch of any bank, learn about healthy eating, or arrange a medical policy. Customer focus brings money to the bank. In other countries, banks have not been perceived as a “universal evil” for a long time, but are used as a means to achieve goals. In our country, distrust of banks arose at the time of the establishment of the banking system, and is constantly reinforced by the lender himself, since not all conditions for the provision of banking services are transparent and understandable. With a competent approach, the use of financial instruments offered by the bank brings benefits not only to the lender, but also to the client. Before signing an agreement with the company, the level of its reliability and reputation is checked. Factoring is popular with suppliers who are not able to wait long to pay for their services. Actively use the similar service of the bank wholesale companies. The Bank, in turn, makes a profit and expands the range of services provided.

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