Loyalty programs Bank legal entities and individuals

Some bank’s loyalty programs are one of the components of the basic package of loan programs for individuals; we can conclude that this category of client base, which means employees of enterprises and companies that are clients of the Bank, is of strategic importance. Of course, this includes support for the existing client base in two directions at once – legal entities and individuals, its expansion in the segment of private individuals, as well as a significant reduction in the level of risks that affect the quality of the loan portfolio. “Stake” a client, prolong the relationship with him – this problem is solved with the help of preventive measures. The previous loan has not been paid yet, or the deposit expiration date has not arrived, and the bank is ready to lend a hand to its client for the next cooperation.

In this regard, the so-called pre-approved loans have gained popularity. The bottom line is that the bank has recommended itself to borrowers to take the next loan on more favourable terms than the previous one. In this case, the bank calculates the credit limit in advance, draws up a payment schedule. Such loans are offered to verified bank borrowers by VTB24 and Sberbank.


The bank is ready to provide loans without commissions

Probably, many Sberbank customers received an SMS message about an approved credit card. Recently I got a call from the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development, where I have a valid consumer loan. And although it has not yet been paid in full, I was offered to take a slightly larger amount already on preferential terms. Speaking to me, the bank employee said that after analyzing how I repay the loan ahead of schedule, the bank considered me to be positive borrowers and offers to refinance for a large amount. Already as your borrower, at a lower percentage. In addition, the bank is ready to provide loans without commissions to borrowers with a positive history.

As we were told in a university bank: First of all, the introduction of loyalty programs is caused by the desire of banks to attract high-quality borrowers and provide them with loans at more favorable conditions.

VUZ Bank is actively developing lending aimed at certain groups of borrowers. This includes the creation of special offers for positive borrowers, employees, organizations of partners / clients of the bank banco de venezuela. A positive borrower is a client who has one or more loans repaid without delay in a university institution or in any third-party bank. Preferential conditions include reduced interest rates and a simplified approach in considering the application and evaluating the borrower, a shortened list of documents required to obtain a loan, credit card. Banks official website is https://www.bancodevenezuelaen.com/ you can visit for banking with them.

Loan from the bank without confirmation of income

Periodically, for customers whose confidence limit is high, promotions are held and special offers are introduced. For example, the other day, a branch of a VUZ bank in banco bicentenario Magnitogorsk announced an increase for positive borrowers in the maximum amount of an express loan. A person with a good credit history can get a loan from the bank without confirmation of income and collateral in the amount of up to 150 thousand rubles. Whereas the basic conditions of the express lending program imply a loan limit of 100 thousand rubles. Note that the bank also has preferential lending programs for public sector employees, pensioners, and special lending programs for employees of a number of industrial enterprises in the region.

Similar offers are addressed to investors. This may be promotions for customers who are ending the deposit term, they are offered a slightly higher yield, subject to re-registration of the deposit. (The Ural Ring Bank announced such an action in February, the action ended on April 4). Making preferential credit cards for bank depositors is another way to make relationships with a client stronger. For example, AGROPROMCREDIT Bank holds an action – all customers who have a deposit with the Bank www.banesco can apply for a credit card with a grace period by providing only one document. If the contribution is large – up to 500 thousand rubles, then the prestigious Visa Platinum is issued.

“The First Republican Bank” recently completed an action aimed at both new and existing depositors. For opening a deposit and for prolonging a deposit, the bank presented gifts and issued a plastic Visa or MasterCard plastic card to the depositor free of charge.


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