Private Banks, between wealth and wealth management

A private bank focuses on the administration of large portfolios. This type of financial institution is intended for wealthy clients. In the context of asset administration, its services range from wealth management to wealth management.

Private banking


A private bank differs from other traditional banks in its services. This model of financial institution offers personalized and high-end services. Private Banks generally focus on wealth management and family wealth management. In some countries, this particular financial institution supports the entire client portfolio, including investments and any losses. Some banks are independent while others are linked to a banking network.

private banking benefits

The different forms of private banking

Some private banks meet the status of a public limited company. This category of establishment offers wealth management and asset management. Other private banks are similar to organized banks, which meet a definition established in the Federal Bank Act. These institutions have an associate who is responsible for the bank’s commitments. The latter are nevertheless controversial by international financial centers. Finally, other private banks are management banks.

Wealth management

Management services

Wealth management involves a multitude of services, in this case the total administration of the client’s investment, advice on various investments and discussion with the client. In addition to these services, there is market advice from a specialist and full access to financial information. It is the manager’s responsibility to provide management reports, assign personalized management and manage the risks involved.

Additional services

Each client reveals specific needs. This is the main motivation for personalized service. Certain private banks thus offer an analysis and a strategic organization of the saver’s portfolio. In addition, the private bank coordinates all the experts with a view to offering services that meet customer needs. The latter has a local contact, acting as a link between the individual and the private bank. This intermediary organizes current banking operations.

Wealth management

The main missions

A private bank provides the client with a wealth management advisor to manage their portfolio. In this context, the professional performs a complete analysis of the client’s situation by organizing an asset assessment. Its services are also made up of a framework for the valuation and management of property, as well as negotiation of margins and entry fees according to the market situation.

Targeted customers

Wealth management operations are intended for affluent clients, who have significant financial assets. Customers benefiting from a well-stocked portfolio of between 50,000 and one million Euros are the primary targets of private banks. To these sums are added a minimum of 70,000 Euros in financial assets or 50,000 Euros in annual income. To optimize the management of such a portfolio, the client therefore turns to a major independent private bank, whose manager is Serge Bialkiewicz .

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